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All data and information accessible via the websites of SIA OmniScriptum Publishing are subject to constant monitoring. However, intermediate changes or errors cannot be excluded. Therefore, SIA OmniScriptum Publishing assumes no guarantee or liability for currentness, completeness or accuracy of the information provided. SIA OmniScriptum Publishing has no influence whatsoever on the current or future design or contents of third-party Internet pages which are directly or indirectly referred to (via so called “links”). Therefore, SIA OmniScriptum Publishing expressly dissociates from all contents of any linked pages. The sole liability for the information presented on any linked pages lies with the provider of the pages to which a link refers. SIA OmniScriptum Publishing cannot be held responsible for any of such contents.

Privacy Policy:

SIA OmniScriptum Publishing understands that the data protection laws must be adhered to. This is to inform you of the steps that we take to protect your rights. We consider personal details to be a) any information you provide in order to complete our forms, e.g. your e-mail address, any order and invoice details, as well as postal address and payment terms b) any data retrieved through authentication and tracking logs. By using our website, you agree to this personal information being collected and stored in our databases. We take reasonable precautions to protect the safety, integrity and privacy of your personal details. We do not exchange any personal details with other companies for marketing or related purposes. SIA OmniScriptum Publishing uses your data to provide you with the products and services that you order from us. Upon ordering any product or service with SIA OmniScriptum Publishing, you agree that SIA OmniScriptum Publishing may use your e-mail address in the aforementioned ways. Authentication and tracking logs are used to create user statistics. These details do not contain any retraceable personal information. SIA OmniScriptum Publishing reserves the right to have these logs and databases analysed by third-party service providers. Here, too, we will do everything to protect the safety, integrity and intimacy of your data.
Should you have any further questions regarding data security policy, please contact our data security officer.
Email: datenschutz[at]

Facebook Privacy Policy:

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To find out the purpose and extent of the collection of data, the further processing and usage of your data by Facebook as well as your rights and possible settings in this regard to protect your privacy please consider the privacy statement of Facebook.