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Sincronización e Integración en SCADA de un proceso de desalinización

Sincronización e Integración en SCADA de un proceso de desalinización

Gestión como única planta de 4 pozos costeros, 5 líneas autónomas de desalinización de agua de mar y 2 bombas de relance

Editorial Academica Espanola ( 06.09.2019 )

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In this work, a SCADA system is designed and implemented with the MOVICON 11.5 software, in which the operation of five seawater desalination lines by reverse osmosis which work in parallel, with four coastal wells and two end-of-line pumps of the permeated water obtained are integrated, synchronized and supervised as a single plant. Each desalination line has its own control system and can operate independently. From the state of the art synchronization algorithms were obtained that are added to the SCADA system through script codes. The study of the necessary characteristics in the processes managed avoid simultaneous operations that affected the performance of the osmosis lines. Productive continuity in the desalination process was guaranteed by means of algorithms added to the SCADA, which achieve synchronization between the mentioned sub-processes, in the MOVICON 11.5 system. It also configures the interface of the Android App available in the aforementioned SCADA for remote management. systems applicable to other processes are created, which can be used by students and professors, taking it as a starting point for their development and improvement.

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Alberto Rodríguez Martínez

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